2000front.jpg 2000IN DC Voltage and Current Calibrator. Includes RS-232
interface and Universal-Free Standing Charging Adapter SKU: 822-2000IN


2000front.jpg 2000MN DC Voltage and Current Calibrator with Temperature Simulation and Voltage / Temperature Measurements (Active or Passive CJC), includes RS-232 interface and Universal Free-Standing Charging Adaptor SKU: 822-2000MN


No_Photo.jpg 2000 IEEE-488 Interface Replaces the RS-232 interface with IEEE-488
at time of order SKU: 822-2000-IE-BAT


XitronLogo2.jpg 2000-No Battery Option No Internal Battery Option, at time of order
(Typically used in ATE applications). SKU: 892-2000-NB


cc_f.jpg CC Canvas Carrying Case with Accessory Pouches for 2000 calibrators SKU: 822-CC


ra_rb_rack_f.jpg RA Rack Adaptor Kit (Single Instrument) for 2000 products. SKU: 892-RA


rb.jpg RB Rack Adaptor Kit (Three Instruments) for 2000 products. SKU: 892-RB


No_Photo.jpg RC Rack Adaptor Kit (Two Instruments) for 2000 products SKU: 892-RC


t5_f.jpg T5 Universal Free-Standing Charging Adaptor SKU: T5


NI_gpib_usb_m.jpg NI GPIB-USB HS GPIB Controller for Hi-Speed USB SKU: 892-GPIB IEEE-488 Adapter


SP48.jpg SP48 48-inch Low Thermal EMF shielded lead set (Spade terminals) SKU: SP48


battery_f.jpg BAT0001 Battery, LCR6V3.4P 3.4 Ahr for 2000 Family SKU: BAT0001


No_Photo.jpg PL36 36-inch Low Thermal EMF Red and Black lead set (banana plugs) SKU: PL36


bat002NiMh_large.jpg BAT0002 Battery, NiMH, 7.2v, 3.3 Ahr for 2000IN, 2000MN SKU: BAT0002